Last update 12. Oct. 2022.

W A N T E  D   C A R D S !!!

I am also looking for more sketchagraphs / sketch cards to add to my collection. If you have any cards for trade or to sell, please contact me via email, and i will replay back to you as soon as possible. 

Cards list that i am looking for:

Fleer Ultra Spider-man 1997

Any high-end cards

Marvel Silver Age 1998

Joe Sinnott, John Romita, Marie Severin, George Tuska, Stan Lee, Gene Colan, John Czop,
Emir Ribeiro: Story line cards: Avengers #1, Fantastic Four #1, Fantastic Four #4, Fantastic Four #12, Hulk #1, Amazing Fantasy #15.
Michael Dutkiewicz: Avengers #93-97 / Avengers #58 / X-Men #57-59 / Silver Surfer.

Marvel Creators Collection 1998

Warren Martineck, Dave Devries, Ed Benes, Victor Gatmaitan, Rob Hunter,  W. Dias,  Anthony Castillo,  Dave Brewer,
Joe Bennett, Frank A. Kadar
Anthony Carpenter, Yancey Labat, Clint Hillinski, Monte Moore, Tim Dzon, John Czop, 
Luke Ross, Billy Tan, Jack Snider, Albert O'Clair, Scott Rosema, Matt Thompson, Joe Prado
, Dan Schaefer,Michael Dutkiewicz,
Tom Fleming
,Mark TexeiraBrian D. Ahern,Me Hicks,Joral,Suess, Damiano Scott

*****       Check bottom of this page for list of sketchagraphs / sketch cards that i am looking for!!!       *****
On this gallery are avaliable cards for trade/sale from
FUSM 1997​, MSA 1998, MCC 1998, CA 2006, MM 2007, MM 2008, XMA 2009.
Fleer Ultra Spider-man 1997
Marvel Silver Age 1998
Marvel Creators Collection 1998
Howard the Duck - Gene Colan
Thing - John Czop
Grey Gargoyle - Yancey Labat
She Hulk - John Czop
Marvel Legends 2001
Human Torch - Rob Davis
Daredevil - Rob Davis
Longshoot - Ron Lim
Night Crawler - Ron Lim
Dardedevil - Roberto Flores
Human Torch - Claude St. Aubin
Human Torch - Claude St. Aubin
Complete Avengers 2006
Namor - Jose Carlos
Quick Silver - Tom Nguyan
War Machine - Darren Auck
Hulk - Ron Wilson

Spider-man - Ed Benes
Aunt May - Marie Severin
Hulk - Edde Wagner
Juggernaut - Albert O'Clair
Luka Cage - George Tuska
Daredevil - Gene Colan
Dracula - Gene Colan
Rhino - Shannon Denton
spider-man archives 2009